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  David DeJonge breathes patriotism, dedication and love for this country.
  Starting out as a portrait photographer, David has photographed some of the most influential figures in the country including President Gerald R. Ford, Henry Kissinger, Newt Gingrich and John McCain.  
  In 2006, David began a self funded journey to document and photograph the last remaining WWI Veterans.  His collection today permanently lines the walls inside the US Pentagon.  He started a non-profit organization “Survivor Quest”, and took his collection on the road, traveling to schools, setting up exhibits and giving speeches.  To this day, Davids efforts have educated more than 60,000 students on WWI and American history.  
At the same time, David founded the WWI Memorial Foundation to help bring awareness to the lack of a proper memorial in Washington DC to the five million men and women who fought in WWI.  He is also the director of an upcoming feature length documentary titled “Pershing’s Last Patriot”, a film about the incredible life of America’s last WWI veteran “Frank Buckles”.  The film is not only a story about Franks life, but a journey through the 20th century, told by a man who lived through the entire thing.  The film has been test screened in cities and towns all over the country and the audience feedback has been extremely positive. At many of the screenings, David took the time to visit the local schools and talk to students about WWI and it's importance in American history.

During one screening in New Mexico, David was asked to produce a documentary on the live of Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo code talkers from WWII.  This project is still in the development phase as Davids seeks partners and raises funding.